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Historic Eagle Hill

Camilo Hernandez

Meet Camilo Hernandez, candidate for State Representative of East Boston

Ed Deveau

Our fourth candidate coffee discussion with Ed Deveau took place shortly before the Boston Storms. We talked about his past here in Eastie. Like many (if not all) of the candidates, Ed's resume is one that shows a deep, imbedded care for the resident

Lou Scapicchio, a new face in East Boston Politics

I sat down with Lou, at one of my favorite gathering holes, Americano Cafe, located at 155 Meridian st. Lou looked like, well a regular guy. From one military gent to another, it seemed that we knew each other all too well. Lou joined the military

East Boston Library may be the Best New Building in Boston

Vote for East Boston Library

Preserving History

Very recently I experienced something extraordinary! I was a time-traveler. The year- circa 1863. The place- 97 Orchard Street, Manhattan, NYC. I was a working-class immigrant from Poland. I faced challenges that the present me understands today.

El Heraldo Latino, Eastie's Newest News outlet

Luis Bravo talking about his new Spanish language newspaper, at East Boston Social Center, focused solely on East Boston, Winthrop, Revere and Chelsea. To be launched in January. The (monthly) Newspaper is to be named El Heraldo Latino.